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CEO's Message

Our company was established in 1st Nov. 2013,as a company which handles overseas business division .

Aim to become a global business enabler that can meet the needs of our customers throughout the world.


Fortitude Co.,Ltd.
CEO Yuko Baba





Business contents

・Overseas trade

・Internet business

・Kimono rental business

Business contents detail information
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Products handled

・Agricultural items


・Jewelry goods

・Health related item




Company Profile

  • Company name:Fortitude Co.,Ltd.
  • CEO:Yuko Baba
  • Head office address:1013-1,Kafuri,Itoshima-city,fukuoka,8191124,Japan
  • TEL/FAX:+81-92-335-3302
  • Establishment date:November 1, 2013
  • Capital:10 million Japanese yen
  • Business contents:
    Overseas trade,Rental Kimono business
  • Partners:
    Charmzone Co.,Ltd.
    Komega Co.,Ltd.
    CH Harmony Co.,Ltd.
    SAMJIN Co.,Ltd.
    Oriental diamond inc.
    Sixth sense Lab. Co.,Ltd.

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